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3 Easy Steps when Planning a Funeral Service

3 Easy Steps when Planning a Funeral Service

Arranging a funeral or memorial service can be a very stressful process for the grieving family and friends. In many situations, the people in charge of planning a funeral are still coping with the death of their loved one and making complex decisions at an already emotionally difficult time can be pretty overwhelming.

With that said, it will be wise to plan your funeral early on to ease the burden of your loved ones come the time you are gone. With a help of a funeral planning checklist, you can be well guided and informed as you go through the stressful process of planning your own funeral.

Pick a funeral insurance plan

Start your funeral planning by choosing the right funeral insurance provider in your area. A burial insurance will provide financial assistance to your family by the time you leave them behind. Depending on the scope of your insurance policy, funeral expenses such as caskets, flowers, burial plots, lights, transportation and even the entire memorial service costs can be covered.

Getting burial insurance in advance will not only protect your loved ones against the financial burden of funeral expenses in the event you pass away but will also spare them from emotional burden of going through the complicated process of arranging your memorial service while they are still grieving your death.

Determine the type of service

Whether it’s a religious, traditional or secular-based service, ensure that your funeral checklist explains the type of service you will want to have as each religion has its own specific service requirements and arrangements. Along with this, you will also need to choose who will officiate the service – whether it’s a minister, family member, friend or Celebrant.

A minister will likely help you pick out music, hymns, psalms or readings for the service. Celebrants are also experienced and can let you decide which songs, poems or videos you like to include. But if you want to make the service more meaningful and special, opt for someone close to you and your family such as a brother or best friend.

Choose the location for the service

Through a funeral planning checklist, you are provided with options for the setting of your memorial service. Traditionally, services are held in a church building, but nowadays many families are seeking alternative settings such as a park, lake, beach, or the deceased person’s favorite place. Ensure that your chosen location suit your needs as well as the number of people attending.

A funeral planning checklist should also help you decide the form of your final resting place. Generally, a traditional burial includes a coffin, a burial plot, a headstone, and plaque, whereas a cremation uses heat or flame to turn the body into ashes. The ashes are then stored in a cremation urn. Cremations have become more popular in the recent years because of its cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

Let your family celebrate your life the way you would wish with a properly planned funeral service.