Medicare and Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Some facts about Life insurance coverage…Do you want term or a whole life insurance coverage?


  •  Why wait? better protection now than later.
  • Average funeral cost between 7k and 12k.
  • Term insurance expires and is only temporary like a 10 or 20 year term.
  •  Final expense Whole life insurance never expires. Very popular among the Senior Market.
  •  Determine if First day coverage or 2 year wait provision
  •  Believe or not some people unknowingly fall for the 2 year wait provision!
  •  First day coverage is the best deal if qualified
  •  We offer Final Expense life insurance that never expires
  •  We shop for you best value coverage with many carriers and companies!
  •  Can use benefits towards funeral ,debts, personal  use, etc
  •  The benefit plan are all tax free when used
  •  Beneficiary can be your spouse, kids, funeral home, etc.
  •  Requires no blood test or medical test
  •  Requires only medical/Rx  history
  • Lifetime protection for you and family
  • No rate increases
  • Benefits never decrease