Medicare and Life Insurance

Medicare Supplement

medicare-book-page-100-2Medicare Supplement:

Picks up whatever Medicare does not pay

1. Pays 20% of the medicare claim while Medicare(gov’t) pays 80%

2. Use any Any doctors Any hospitals in the country. ie: MD Anderson Cancer treatment in Houston, Texas. Who is your Doctor?

3. No referrals needed to see specialists.

4. Policy is guaranteed renewable… policy will never cancel or terminate as long as the premiums are being paid on time.

5. Able to travel to foreign countries.

6. Does not include part D or RX Drug Plan

7. Dental and Vision is not covered

8. Most seniors are satisfied with claims being paid

9. Plan F is the most popular plan – pays for everything

10. Plan G is the second most popular plan

11. Could save you major out of pocket costs